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Finca Colombia and Centro Infantil de Estomatología Hospital

Also located in the city of La Antigua Guatemala, the Centro Infantil de Estomatología (CIE) Hospital is a charitable institution specialized in cleft lip and palate.

Dr. Oscar Asensio del Valle, owner of Finca Colombia, developed the “Asensio Surgical Technique”, recognized and used worldwide for the reconstruction and treatment of cleft lip and palate. He founded CIE in 1966 and was its director from then until the day of his death in 1999.

Currently, the CIE continues its work under the direction of Dr. Rodolfo E. Asensio Mármol, son of the founder, who performs the surgeries, now with his own son, Dr. Rodolfo Asensio Guerrero, restoring their smile to children with this condition.

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