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The valley where the city of La Antigua Guatemala is located stands out worldwide for the indisputable quality of its coffee. It is here where, in 1925, under the initiative and boost of doctor Oscar Asensio del Valle’s parents and grandparents Finca Colombia came into existence.

Generation after generation and based on artisan techniques, this family enterprise has achieved an excellent quality control of its final product. The coffee production takes place in harmony and respect of nature and looking after the local flora and fauna. These practices allow us to offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy a remarkably tasty cup of coffee.

Finca Colombia is located five kilometers south from the central park of La Antigua Guatemala, on Km 48 marker of the road to the city of Ciudad Vieja. Embedded in the slopes of the Agua Volcano, at 5,000 feet above sea level, our facilities are blessed with a magnificent view.

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